Full-Day Class Art Carpenter

Advanced Techniques in the SAS Macro Language

Presented:  Tuesday September 3, 2019,  8:00am-5:00pm

Presented by:
Art Carpenter’s publications list includes five books, and numerous papers and posters presented at SAS Global Forum, SUGI, and other user group conferences. Art has been using SAS since 1977 and has served in various leadership positions in local, regional, national, and international user groups. He is a SAS Certified Advanced Professional Programmer, and through California Occidental Consultants teaches SAS courses and provides contract SAS programming support nationwide.

This one-day course is designed for students with a good understanding of the DATA and PROC steps and who already understand the basic structure and syntax of the SAS Macro Language. The course will start with a short review of the macro basics and quickly move on topics selected to improve your macro language expertise. Several key macro functions will be introduced, explained and demonstrated.

Course topics include:

    • Macro Language Review
    • Building Macro Variables from Data
    • Macro Functions, Using and Creating
    • Writing Dynamic Code
    • Controlling Your Environment
    • Working With SAS Data Sets
    • Using SAS Macro Libraries
    • Miscellaneous Macro Topics

Learn how the macro language thinks as you use it to write your programs.

Intended Audience:  Intermediate

Delivery Method: Seminar style

Class Material: Workbook