Sponsor and Exhibitor Coordinator

Open WUSS Executive Committee Position

Western Users of SAS Software (WUSS) Executive Committee (EC) is seeking applications for the position of Sponsor and Exhibitor Coordinator.  This position is approved by current EC members, after review of applications submitted from WUSS attendees. The three-year term begins immediately following the Closing Session of the WUSS 2019 Educational Forum and Conference. Attendance is mandatory at the EC meeting the weekend folllowing WUSS 2019.

Position Description:

The Sponsor and Exhibitor Coordinator (‘the Coordinator’) manages all aspects of the WUSS Sponsor and Exhibitor program, whose mission is to obtain financial support from companies and academic institutions. Support opportunities include being a Sponsor of the WUSS organization or a Technical Sponsor or an Exhibitor at the WUSS Educational Forum and Conference. Sponsor income goes to WUSS and Technology Sponsors and Exhibitor income goes to the WUSS Educational Forum and Conference.


  • Must have excellent organization, management, communication and leadership skills.
  • Must have worked previously in support of an in-house, local, regional or national SAS users’ group, e.g., presenting papers, organizing meetings, planning a conference, etc.
  • Must be able to attend and participate in WUSS EC meetings which are held
      • in person after the WUSS conference and during two weekends each year (generally late January/early February and late May/early June)
      • via conference call at agreed upon times
      • via e-mail.


  • Evaluate existing program and determine any new or modified technical needs, hardware, software, etc. and their associated costs to be funded by Technical Sponsors
  • Propose adjusted rates paid by sponsors and exhibitors and their corresponding adjusted benefits based on WUSS and Conference budgetary needs
  • Prepare annual marketing materials for the current conference year, e.g., brochure, email invitation templates, and content for the WUSS website
  • Prepare the list of organizations to solicit
  • Engage with organizations to procure their financial support of WUSS as a Sponsor, Technical Sponsor and/or an Exhibitor.
  • Lead a Sponsor and Exhibitor Committee that supports the Coordinator’s responsibilities:
      • represent WUSS while interacting with prospective companies and academic institutions. Interactions can be in person at SAS Global Forum or other events or by contacting the organizations in person or via phone or email.
      • maintain records of contacts and organizations solicited, track committed organizations, follow up with non-responders, etc.
      • contribute to the annual marketing materials for the current conference year, e.g., brochure and content for the WUSS website
  • Create and email invoices for sponsors, technology sponsors and exhibitors, cc’ing the WUSS Treasurer
  • Track invoice payments as they are made
  • For paid sponsors and exhibitors, gather logos, company descriptions and company urls for the WUSS website
  • Coordinate with the Conference Registrar to ensure exhibitor and sponsor representatives are registered for the conference and registration fees are charged according to their discounted rates
  • Prepare final report of sponsor/exhibitor income for the EC
  • Send thank you emails to sponsors and exhibitors after the conference; provide information on the next year’s conference
  • Oversee the Conference Committee Exhibitor Liaison, who determines, documents and communicates logistics information for exhibitors. The Liaison’s duties include:
      • Works with Facilities Coordinator and SAS to assign space inside or near Resource Central
      • Gather logos, company descriptions, company urls and advertisements for publications, signage and mobile app
      • Communicate logistics with each Exhibitor preferable 2 months prior to the conference (information on location, booth setup and teardown times, electricity and WiFi needs, inbound and outbound shipping, registration, etc.)
      • Provide opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to present in WUSS Theater
      • Schedule and manage presentations in WUSS Theater
      • Assists exhibitors with setup and any other needs during conference
      • Ask for exhibitor for feedback and suggestions and inform them of next year’s conference location and dates

To apply, please submit:

  • a brief description of your professional and user group experience
  • an explanation of why you will make a good EC member; what you will contribute to WUSS EC
  • your goals for WUSS
  • why you should be selected as WUSS Sponsor and Exhibitor Coordinator

If you know of a qualified candidate, please share this position announcement with them and encourage them to apply.

Submit an application by COB July 8, 2019 to Chelsea Lofland, WUSS EC President,  president@wuss.org.

The WUSS EC will evaluate submissions and determine the Coordinator around July 29, 2019.

Download a copy of the Sponsor/Exhibitor position announcement. (PDF)